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Sunriental Cafe

Sunriental cafe is the first solo project of Sunriental group. It will be the first and formal introduction of the Sunriental group.
Sunriental cafe features classic pastries, elegant beverages, exciting products and provide warm smile service. Sunriental cafe is a modern neighborhood cafe elevated by fine dining training and techniques.

Our Team

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Elvis Sun


''那些機會都是我們自己可以創造的,準備好了就抓緊機會''。 Elvis 我們的創辦人時常的說著把握機會!熱情的微笑總是為我們的客人著想,廚房出身的他總是把握著各種機會將想法步入執行,將願景帶領為趨勢,將我們帶向新的高峰。

 “What we don’t have is an opportunity to show what and who we are. So why wait for people to give us the opportunity? We can create our own”. Meet Elvis, our founder, the mind of our operation who is constantly reimaging what we could be like for our guests. With his passion in cooking and love for hospitality, Elvis has always envisioned using food as a medium to introduce and share his roots with his ever evolving and growing culinary knowledge. It should be no surprise that he was the one who brought us together to embark on this journey. 

 - Elvis

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天馬行空的想像力加上絕對的執行力,我們的主廚Crystal。從小耳濡目染的她,也毅然的踏進了廚房,主廚常說"合理的嘗試是創新的開始”。 專注的她,為我們注入持續成長的力量。

Our chef is full of imagination, and can make wild ideas into practical products. Crystal has always been passionate about food and cooking ever since little.  Crystal “If you never try, you never know what you are capable of”. Having Crystal in the Sunriental team is like having a promise that we will continue to evolve, develop, and grow.

 - Crystal

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